Patient Testimonials

The results Dr. Hinkle achieves for her patients represent the best evidence of how effective her approach can be. From the straight forward issues to more complex syndromes, Dr. Hinkle approaches each patient with careful analysis and individualized treatment designed to optimize health and well being. Here are a few comments submitted by recent patients of Dr. HInkle.

Dr. Hinkle guided me to resolve multiple, sudden-onset health issues that proved to be quite impactful to my day to day life. Her approach was calm and competent. Through my description of seemingly unrelated symptoms (metallic taste in my mouth, debilitating brain fog, extreme exhaustion, major joint pain, multiple sensitivities, etc.), Dr Hinkle knew which diagnostic tests to order and then how to proceed with the most simple and effective healing protocols. I was feeling very anxious about my health (and subsequent diagnosis) and Dr. Hinkle’s systematic process kept me calm and clear headed. Without Dr. Hinkle’s steady guidance and support, I would have lost a lot of valuable time spinning my wheels with more westerm conventional approaches. I consider Dr Hinkle to be a major ally in my overall health and well being. She empowered me to make significant, lasting changes to my lifestyle and diet and I gained invaluable knowledge about how to live my healthiest life.

-Elizabeth Hurley, SF Bay Area

Dr. Hinkle has been our best doctor so far in 49 years! We will miss her! She has had the most impact on my health and
has a great approach to motivating patients to make changes towards optimal health.

-Eric Yang

Dr Hinkle and been instrumental in helping me heal. She is caring, supportive, understanding and a great listener. Her knowledge of healing foods and herbs is amazing. I have made great progress in her care. 

-Carol Keithley