Dr. Hinkle sees patients at her clinic in Marin, offering proven medical treatments for a variety of illnesses and conditions. From Pediatric to Men’s and Women’s healthcare, Dr. Hinkle takes a holistic approach and treats the root cause of illness and not just the symptoms.

Pediatric, Men’s and Women’s Healthcare

Chronic Conditions ~ Acute Conditions ~ Wellness Visits

Trained in Holistic Healthcare and Conventional Medicine,  Dr. Hinkle sees a wide range of patients from young children to older adults. She is experienced treating long-standing Chronic Conditions, such as allergies, autoimmune disorders, digestive complaints, fatigue, thyroid conditions, blood sugar imbalances and skin conditions; Acute Conditions, such as ear infections, sinusitis or the common cold or flu; and provides Wellness Visits, which might simply be optimizing your health, energy and well-being.

Holistic and Conventional Treatments

Your treatments will depend on your current health, your conditions, your particular symptoms, your personal and family history, sometimes your genetics, but most importantly, your goals and preferences. There are always many options with testing and treatments that may range from natural therapies, lifestyle and dietary modifications to conventional medications. Dr. Hinkle will work with you to understand the mechanisms behind your condition and/ or symptoms and explain what you can do to hopefully prevent their reoccurrence.

Wellness, Preventative Medicine and Healthy Aging

Dr. Hinkle helps individuals and families optimize their health, improving their energy, enthusiasm and mental/ emotional functioning. She believes people should feel healthy at every age, and aging should not be the reason for fatigue, aches and pains or other ailments. Learn how to optimize your health and be active and full of vitality regardless of your age.

Dietary Counseling

There are so many “diets” out there. If you’d like help sorting through Paleo, low FODMAPS, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Ketogenic, Whole 30, a lower carbohydrate diet, a diabetic diet, or an anti-aging diet, Dr. Hinkle is happy to help. She believes that there is no one perfect diet for everyone, but that the diet should be tailored to the individual.

Holistic Weight Loss

Current recommendations of eating less and exercising more don’t work for everyone. Weight loss is often accomplished through an orchestrated balance of working with hormones, nutrients, eliminating toxicities while selecting optimal foods and beneficial movement. In promoting weight loss, it’s important to individualize the treatment.

Environmental Medicine

As our world and environment become more polluted, it is more and more important to breathe clean air, drink and bathe in filtered water, and to choose organically grown fruits and vegetables and pastured, grass-fed or appropriately-fed animal foods. Take time to select healthy personal care products and safe cleaning supplies. Your environment affects your health. Dr. Hinkle is an expert in environmental medicine and detoxification, and can help you to make healthy choices, green your environment and cleanse your body. Please see the Resources page to help get you started.

Food Allergy / Sensitivity Testing

Food Allergy Testing can be helpful to determine if any foods or categories of foods are causing inflammation or toxicity in your body. Problematic foods can cause a wide variety of symptoms, and these symptoms can appear from hours to days after a certain food is ingested. It can be a great challenge to determine without testing if certain foods are causing problems. Often times by reducing intake of your most inflammatory foods, you will not only reduce sensitivity and allergy symptoms, but also reduce your total allergenic load so that perhaps the next outdoor allergy season may be more easily tolerated!

Lab Analysis

Dr. Hinkle is well-versed in conventional as well as functional labs. She also welcomes and encourages you to bring in previous labs and imaging documents for help with interpretation. If appropriate, she will order laboratory tests to be drawn in conventional laboratories, or order functional laboratory kits for you to take home and then mail to a specialty lab for processing. Conventional labs may include comprehensive metabolic panels, cholesterol panels, full thyroid panels, anemia panels, etc. Functional labs may include full hormone panels, comprehensive stool analysis, heavy metal testing, comprehensive urine metabolic panels, cortisol or adrenal fatigue testing, food allergy testing and many others.

Peptide Therapy

Peptide therapy can support and quicken healing by giving the body a little extra support and can often bridge the gap between starting therapies and seeing results.
Conditions and syndromes where we find peptides especially helpful are: Autoimmune and Inflammatory disorders, General immune support, Difficulty losing excess weight, Joint pain and overuse injuries, Sleep issues and Anxiety.
Northampton Integrative Medicine
International Peptide Society

Allergy Desensitization/ Immunotherapy

Allergy treatment is based on individualized testing. These personalized results are used to develop customized allergy therapy for each individual. The treatment, which consists of a tiny dose of the substance to which you are allergic, can be formulated for you in either of two forms:

  • sublingual drops (placed under the tongue) for use at home
  • allergy shots, which you can receive weekly at our office or in the office of your local primary or urgent care physician

The correct dose will eliminate allergy symptoms when taken regularly. Generally, your level of reactivity will gradually decrease over the course of therapy, until the point where treatment becomes rarely needed, if at all.

Intravenous (IV) and Intramuscular (IM) Nutritional and Supportive Therapies

Sometimes we recommend IV and IM therapies for a quicker healing response or when additional support is needed for a condition. We use IV/ IM therapy for Fatigue, Migraines, Chelation of heavy metals, Detox support and Cancer support.