Dr. Lynne C. Hinkle, ND, PA-C
Naturopathic Doctor & Physician Assistant

⁓A Naturopathic Doctor Who Accepts Insurance ⁓

Holistic and Integrative Medicine in Western Massachusetts

Dr. Lynne C. Hinkle, ND, PA-C is now accepting new patients at her clinic in Northampton, MA. She brings exceptional experience and expertise to her practice and offers the following services:

Adult and Pediatric Healthcare

Trained in Holistic Healthcare and Conventional Medicine,  Dr. Hinkle sees a wide range of patients from young children to older adults. She is experienced treating… Read More

Holistic and Conventional Treatments

Your recommended treatment will depend on your current health, your conditions, your particular symptoms and your goals and preferences. Read More

Wellness/Healthy Aging

Learn how to optimize your health, be active and full of vitality regardless of your age. Dr. Hinkle believes aging should not be the reason for fatigue, aches and pains or other ailments. Read More

Holistic Weight Loss

Current recommendations of eating less and exercising more, don’t work for everyone. Weight loss is often accomplished through an orchestrated balance of working with hormones, nutrients, eliminating toxicities… Read More

Food Allergy Testing

Food Allergy Testing can be helpful to determine if any foods or categories of foods are causing inflammation or toxicity in your body. Problematic foods can cause a wide variety of symptoms, and these symptoms can appear anywhere from hours to days after… Read More

Lab Analysis

Dr. Hinkle is well-versed in conventional as well as functional labs. She also welcomes and encourages you to bring in previous labs and imaging documents for help with interpretation. Or, she can order laboratory labs to be drawn in conventional laboratories… Read More

What Is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine is a holistic medicine practice that combines centuries of holistic medicine wisdom with modern evidenced-based medicine and technology. It is steeped in treating the cause of a person’s condition, and treats the whole person, rather than treating his or her symptoms. Even persons with the same condition are treated individually. Read more.

About Dr. Lynne Hinkle

Dr. Hinkle is trained in the full spectrum from general primary care to holistic family medicine. She treats all types of illnesses and can work with you on your health goals. She does however have some areas of particular interest. These include the treatment of immune system conditions such as allergies and autoimmune disorders; skin conditions such as eczema, hives and acne; thyroid disorders such as Hashimoto’s and general hypothyroidism; general digestive disorders; fatigue; and acute conditions, such as the common cold and influenza. Finally, Lynne has expertise working with foods and nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, lifestyle modifications, helping families “green” their homes and environments, and just instilling simple, healthy practices, all as a means to restore energy, health and vitality.