In California, Naturopathic Medicine is not covered by insurance, but since Dr. Hinkle is also a Physician Assistant (PA) whose services are covered, you most likely will be able to use your insurance to cover all or some of your visit and labs if you have a PPO. Dr. Hinkle’s clinics are contracted providers with several insurance companies. (please see below). Insurances do vary widely, so it may be helpful to check with your particular plan prior to your visit or laboratory work if this is a concern. Additionally, insurance plans often have preferred laboratories to administer the blood draw or urine collection, etc. Usually, if you use their preferred laboratory, they will often cover more of the cost.

Dr. Hinkle can be seen at either of two clinics, Pediatric Alternative in Mill Valley, and MotionHealth in Santa Rosa. Here are the Insurance plans they accept.

Pediatric Alternatives (Mill Valley)

We are contracted providers for:

  • Blue Shield PPO
  • Blue Cross PPO
  • Cigna PPO
  • United Health Care PPO

If you are a member of one or more of these plans we will bill your insurance and you are responsible only for your copay and deductible. For other PPO’s we will bill your insurance for you. You are responsible for the portion not covered by your plan